Hair Loss

There are many different causes of hair loss. We begin with an in-depth questionnaire to help eliminate and pin point what may be causing your hair loss. Then we employ a wide array of holistic approaches to halting hair loss and regenerating new growth. Sessions can be in person or by phone, FaceTime, or Skype.

Hair Trauma

Hair trauma of some sort has been experienced by many people some point in their lives. It can be from sudden hair loss, alopecia, stress, even a hair cut that violated your wishes.  Control over hair is often part of domestic violence; not being allowed to cut your hair or being made to wear it and cut it a certain way. Some hair trauma may be voluntary when entering the military or joining a religious order. People are often ashamed to talk about hair trauma, believing that it may appear vane. But in truth, it is a very important part of the psyche to heal, to feel totally at one with oneself. Transgender individuals or others on the gender-spectum often struggle with how to express themselves through their hair. This is because your hair makes a powerful statement about who you are. The ultimate goal if Hair Harmonics is for your external expression to be congruent with your inner essence, through every point in your life as you continue to evolve.



Laura is available to advise clients on developing a personal style that is harmonious with how they want to live and express to the world at large. These consultations can cover hair, clothing, eyeglasses, jewelry and accessories, to increase your confidence and support your authentic self expression. Sessions can be done in person or via FaceTime/Skype.

Laura is excellent at streamlining and repurposing the wardrobe you already have, creating “new” outfits you never knew you had. You want to show up feeling full of confidence in every aspect of your life, leisure, business, social events, etc. Knowing what to wear becomes easy and stress free.  

These consultations can be individual or combined to support the needs and desires of the client.

Rates are based on the amount of time involved. Contact Laura to design the services that are best for you.