Hair Harmonics Trainings

Hair Harmonics Training Programs present hair care education in a unique and completely holistic way. Holistic, as we define it, means considering the health and wellbeing of the client, the practitioner and the environment in every aspect of the work. Hair Harmonics, also teaches about and presents unique solutions to hair loss challengeshair trauma, and a variety of health and psychological issues affecting hair. Practitioners of Hair Harmonics help people connect to their hair as a vital part of themselves. Through the process, their hair becomes a more congruent outer expression of their inner essence. This is important because our hair telegraphs much about us before we are even close enough to shake hands or say hello.

The trainings offered include a Holistic Hair Care Workshop with valuable information for experienced hair professionals and novices alike. It is a complete 2-day training by itself, and is also the essential first step before taking the Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar and becoming a Hair Harmonics practitioner. The workshop includes actualization processes and new awarenesses with nature. Our labyrinth provides students with a body-mind experience of living Sacred Geometry. 


The Holistic Hair Care Workshop is a fun and interesting two day experience for everyone wanting to know more about natural, healthy, holistic ways of nurturing hair. Students gain an understanding of the greater impacts, both positive and negative, of various hair practices and products. We cover many areas of holistic hair care, including the influence of stress and diet on hair health, the psychology of hair, social and cultural influences and the many energetic aspects of hair. It includes theory, tips and self-reflective exercises, designed to change and uplift your understanding and experience of hair. The workshop is ideal for hairdressers, holistic health practitioners, energy healers and anyone eager to learn the truth about hair and the most life enhancing ways to work with it. It is also the prerequisite for anyone wanting to learn the Healing Art of Hair Balancing. 

The next Holistic Hair Care Workshops will be held Sunday and Monday, February 9th and 10th, April 12th and 13th, and May 10th and 11th. The Seminar, described below, will be held May 12th through May 16th and another will be held June 16th through the 20th. 



The next level of training is the Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar.  This program trains the student to balance hair in the most conscious and masterful way possible, while expanding their understanding of holistic hair care. The power piece of the seminar is learning Mercury Yount’s Original Hair Balancing System, which is based on principles of Sacred Geometry, CranioSacral Therapy, Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture Meridians & Points) and Energy Medicine, including Chakra & Aura Energetics. The seminar is taught in two sections. The first section is 5-6 days and the Advanced Training completion is 2 days. The training is taught through artistic media, first in a two dimensional format, next in a three-dimensional process, and finally on live models. During the 50-hour seminar, every participant works on many live models interwoven with additional information from the fields of philosophy, health, psychology, and metaphysics. In between the seminar segments, the students practice with their own live models and document their experiences with written summaries and photos. 

The next Hair Balancing Seminars are scheduled for May 12th – May 16th, and June 16th – June 20th. 

The Completion Workshop is the essential follow-up and completion piece of the Hair Balancing program. The two day workshop focuses on advanced techniques and styles that could not be shared until the new practitioner has acquired a certain degree of experience. It assures the high quality performance and integrity of the Hair Balancing practitioner through empathic supervision. We also focus on any questions or aspects of the work that the student may want to address. To register for the Completion Workshop, students must have completed the Holistic Hair Care Workshop and the Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar.

The entire Certification Program, including the Holistic Hair Care WorkshopThe Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminar, and the Completion Workshop generally takes 10 days in total. It could be completed in 2-3 months if done on a fast track, and should not exceed a period of 24 months at the longest. Most students complete the program in 9-15 months.

Who are these trainings for?

Among those who are drawn to this approach are hairdressers and cosmetologists who have become bored, burnt out, or even ill from conventional ways of working with hair. Through Hair Harmonics, you can discover profound healing possibilities available to heal yourself and your clients. You can renew your passion and find inspiration and pleasure in working with hair in holistic new ways.

Other students have experienced or worked in other alternative healing arts and feel called to working with hair. Similar to how reflexology can affect the whole body by working on the feet, the precise sacred geometric patterns of Hair Balancing create a positive effect on the whole person and their energy field, while the hair is being balanced. Powerful personal experiences have inspired some clients to study Hair Balancing so they can learn to how to balance the hair of friends and family.


More about the programs:

Hair Harmonics offers psychological and hands-on knowledge of all aspects of hair. Our students learn through multi-sensory exercises and practical applications, designed to unleash talent, self-confidence and clarity for their personal and professional path. Our certification programs share techniques, tools, business guidance and strategies for working successfully in the growing field of holistic hair care. You will learn to run energy in ways that helps you feel relaxed rather than exhausted after a session. Introduction to new products and practices will enhance the hair experience for you and your clients. A Hair Harmonics practitioner is trained to deliver a relaxing energy attunement while administering to all their client’s hair care needs. 

Feel free to contact me regarding workshops, trainings, and private instruction. We are willing, when possible, to arrange a private workshop or seminar, or to schedule different dates than posted. Note: private instruction is compensated at a higher rate. Contact Laura for a personal consultation to determine if this is a career path for you.

The entire program for one student, includes both workshops and the seminar for $3,333. There is a maximum of 4 students per class. If a student commits to the Complete Certification Program when they are taking the first workshop, the cost of the first workshop will be deducted from the total cost, saving $333. 

Hair Harmonics Teacher Training

The teacher training is designed for the certified Hair Balancing Professional, who has a deep commitment for the work and a passion to share it with others. The prerequisite is two years working as a certified Hair Balancing Professional. It includes assisting at two Holistic Hair Care Workshop, two Healing Art of Hair Balancing Seminars, and two Completion Workshops in conjunction with personal coaching with a Master Teacher.



* We gladly help organize transportation, accommodation and culinary requests for our trainings, so you can experience optimal flow and enjoyment of your special time with us.

* We accept payment via PayPal, most major credit cards, money order, check and cash.

* We kindly request that participants refrain from wearing cologne, perfume, and fragranced hair or skin products as we would like to provide a safe environment for people with allergies.