The Hair Harmonics educational system has nothing to do with cosmetology. Practitioners learn how to express their artistry and passion while causing no harm to themselves or clients. There is no exposure to toxic chemicals or heat practices which have been known to harm the immune system. Hair Harmonics offers a holistic, life-enhancing, professional path for people with a passion for working with hair. Experienced hairdressers who have adopted the Hair Harmonics system have taken their practice to a whole new level, fulfilling their dreams and intentions of hair care as a healing art.

Each Hair Harmonics session can:

Balance and enhance the energy of both the client and practitioner.

Release hair trauma that may be held in the hair from previous negative hair experiences, even dating back to childhood.

Enhance natural wave and body, often resulting in ‘wash and go’ hair.

Create results lasting 2-3 times longer than conventional cuts due to the precision of the Hair Balancing technique.