Hair Harmonics is a revolutionary approach to hair care.

Originating from an ancient healing art, based on the principles of Sacred Geometry, balance, and biology, Hair Harmonics may  revolutionize the way you think about and experience your hair. The truth most people don’t want to know is that throughout history many of the practices and potions we’ve applied to our hair have been harmful and even toxic to our health. It doesn’t have to be that way. A healthy, holistic, life enhancing alternative exists.  Read more…

July 7th, 2020

Enjoy being in harmony with your hair!

Upcoming 2020 Workshops and Seminars

Holistic Hair Care Workshops: 

Sunday/Monday, February 9th & 10th

Sunday/Monday April 12th & 13th

Sunday/Monday May 10th & 11th

The Healing Art of Hair Care Seminars: 

May 12th – May 16th

June 16th – 20th

Our trainings are held at the Eagle Power Retreat House in Birch Bay, WA. This 5 acre nature sanctuary and labyrinth are nestled along the shores of a tidal bay extending into forest.

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