Fine Tune Your Hair for the Ultimate in Function and Beauty

Benefits of Hair Balancing

  • Healthy, beautiful hair
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Wash and wear care
  • Enhances curl and wave if desired
  • Reduces frizz and un-manageability

  • Heals and expands your aura
  • 100% Chemical free
  • Artful Grow-Outs maximizing length
  • Maintains shape longer than regular haircuts
  • Creates feelings of serenity and relaxation
A holistic hair care session with Laura begins with an in-depth consultation, about your hair in the past, present and future. What follows is the most thorough, precise and relaxing hair cut you have ever experienced. It is called Hair Balancing. It is an ancient healing art designed to create the maximum health, well being and beauty for your hair. Below you will find answers to the most common questions about Hair Balancing.
What is Hair Balancing?
Hair balancing is a holistic healing practice that enhances health, hair, energy and appearance, while a person’s preferred style is created using a sacred geometric pattern. The healing art also balances the acupuncture and cranio-sacral systems, releasing deep scalp tension, giving the client an energy attunement and relaxation treatment as well.
How is Hair Balancing different from a conventional hair cut?
In a Hair Balancing session, each hair is beveled from four directions, creating fluid motion and a precise, long lasting style. Your entire head of hair is brought into balance with your face and body, creating a personalized look that brings out the very best you. We recognize that one function of your hair is similar to antenna. That aspect is fine tuned to harmonize the flow of every hair, helping you to feel lighter, clearer, more vital, aware and attractive.
How does Hair Balancing affect the whole person?

We treat your hair with the quality of care you would give your skin or eyes; parts of you that have vital functions. Hair is a part of your nervous system and also conducts life force energy. How efficiently the energy flows is influenced by the health and design of your hair. The acupuncture points and meridians connect your head hair with the rest of the body so the benefits of a balanced haircut can be felt holistically throughout the body .

When your hair is balanced, there is an increased energy flow to the head, creating a more alive, yet relaxed feeling. Hair is also the extension of the physical body into its electromagnetic field (the aura). Kirlian photography has documented many positive changes in the auric field after the hair has been balanced. Your hair choices can have an impact your health, your work, social life and the environment. A conscious positive relationship with your hair can have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. It can empower confidence and self esteem.

What is the cost of a Hair Balancing?

Hair Balancing is a healing art that releases stress and fine-tunes your energy field while your hair is being cut in the style you desire. The results are so precise that they tend to last 2-3 times longer than conventional haircuts. An initial session takes about 90 minutes and the fee for new clients is $175 for the first session. Following sessions are often less based on length and thickness of your hair.

Some clients with short hair choose to come more frequently to maintain their ‘perfect’ length and balance. If it takes much less time to balance their hair, their fee is usually reduced as well.

What if I have a long-standing relationship with my current hairdresser, but I am curious to experience Hair Balancing?

I understand your concerns about experimenting with something as important as your hair. I have seen many of my clients for 20-30 years, so I appreciate the value of a long-term relationship where someone really ‘gets’ your hair. If my clients try a new stylist, usually when traveling, it is always interesting to see what another stylist’s inspiration creates. Most often my clients want to have their hair ‘balanced’ by me afterwards. Even if they like the new style, it just doesn’t feel as good as it can when it is balanced.

Your hair care practitioner is someone you hire for a particular service. If you are not completely satisfied, why not try other practitioners to see if someone serves your needs better? There is a scarcity consciousness among some hair stylists, who may feel threatened if their clients want to experience what other professionals might do. I believe there is more than enough for everyone, and hopefully clients will choose practitioners they feel most comfortable with and who provide best care for their hair.

Several of my clients have me balance their hair, and go to a hair colorist for their chemical processing needs.  I do not work with chemicals and am always looking for great health conscious colorists to refer to. Among certified Hair Balancing practitioners, we are happy to take care of each others clients, always for the convenience and comfort of the client.

Is my hair actually being cut with Hair Balancing?
Yes, it is cut, and much more. Hair Balancing uses a precise pattern of Sacred Geometry that can be applied to almost any style. It is much more than a haircut, it is a holistic healing art enhancing the beauty and well-being of your whole person, as it releases stress, creating a balanced energy field.
Does ‘balanced hair’ have a style?

Hair can be balanced into an infinite variety of lengths and styles based on the client’s choice. Attractive wash and wear hair designs are created to work with your features, body and lifestyle. Hair Balancing enhances all kinds of hairstyles, and both women and men enjoy the experience.

How do you work with problems such as damage or hair loss?

We look at all aspects of a person’s life that might influence unwanted hair and scalp conditions, and treat them holistically. We have a detailed intake form for addressing the various possible causes of your hair loss situation. Your session may include education about nutrition, stress, health conditions, products or hair care practices that are influencing the health and beauty of your hair. Each Hair Balancing relaxes the scalp muscles and improves circulation in three important ways, helping the follicles to nurture healthy hair growth, but there is much more that can be employed for your desired result.

Do I pay the same fee if I only want a little trim?

In order to create a truly balanced cut, the entire sacred geometry pattern must completed. This is the case if the client is growing their hair longer, and only wants a teeny bit trimmed, or if they are doing a major style change. It is the thoroughness of the process that produces the long lasting grow out and the balancing of your energetic field. So the price is not based on how much is trimmed. That said, sometimes a simple bang trim or a clean-up around the ears or neckline is all that is needed when everything else is growing out perfectly. The volume and the health of the hair are factors in how long the tune up takes and will influence the cost of this kind of adjustment, which may be minimal.

Sacred Geometry

Artistic Expression

Harmonious Hair

Experience your hair as

part of you,

part of life,

part of the universe.