I’ve been a successful hairdresser for 30 years. I attended the top advanced training schools in London; Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, and Jingles. I studied with Irving and Louise Rusk and was an educator for them as well. From my experience, Hair Balancing is a unique and fascinating way of working with hair. After learning to be a practitioner, I now feel this is the way all people should have their hair cut. I find it is much more 3 dimensional than conventional modalities. It is true that my clients ‘balanced’ haircuts last 2-3 times longer because of this precise style of cutting. The hair feels surprisingly different and seems to suit individuals so perfectly. The training I received was exceptional.

Anna A., Bellingham, WA

After 20 years of doing hair, Laura Sullivan’s Hair Balancing Training gave me a new insight and an understanding of the energetics of haircutting. My salon business has grown and the way I approach hair will never be the same.

Thank you Laura! Joanne S., Walnut Creek, CA

“Every time I have my hair balanced I feel like I’m wearing a crown.”

Steve G., Attorney at Law

Laura is the most amazing hair talent I’ve ever experienced. I have thick wavy/curly aging hair with a lot of gray coming in. I’ve spent the last 20 years fighting the natural tendencies of my hair, trying to make it go where I wanted it to go. I used color, heat and product to try to force my hair into looking good. It was always so frustrating because I always knew I had beautiful hair, but could not find a hairdresser to cut it well, so that it framed my face well and made me look good. Oh, the struggle! Until I found Laura. Immediately after my first cut, it was like heaven. Wash and wear. No heat, no styling, other than a clip here and there while drying to direct the energy….and my beautiful hair began getting more and more healthy, shiny and soft every day. Also the shape was fantastic, as it grew out for 3 months without touching it. I love my new relationship with my hair, thanks to the amazing Hair Guru, Laura Sullivan.

Suzanne S., Bellingham, WA

“Hair Balancing is the perfect antidote for the stresses of everyday life. It’s like pushing the reset button and getting a fresh start. The benefits last for months.”

Mishelle L., ND, LAc

The energy value of one hair balancing is worth several acupuncture treatments. Daniel Meyher, German Acupuncturist

Thank you so much for repairing my hair which was extremely damaged from well water. I was so frustrated before coming to you! I literally tried everything this side of shaving my head, to repair the damage, but nothing worked, despite what it cost. However, after coming to see you, my hair is well on its way to full restoration! I also appreciate the tips you have given me to help with oily scalp, as well as natural products that protect the hair from sun damage. Now, I am able to finally wear my hair down again. I’ve had to wear it up every day for two years because the damage was so extensive. Again, thank you SO much for being the solution I was looking for! Blessings! Cristina V.

A friend introduced me to Hair Balancing about 15 years ago & I’ve never looked back! Well, except for once… couldn’t get an appointment with Laura, so I went back to my previous stylist. That was my ‘never again’ expense! I keep my hair short & with regular stylists, it would need cutting every 4 – 5 weeks because it would grow out choppy, rough & uneven. With Hair Balancing, I can go 3 – 4 months between a balancing!! It may get a little on the long side but it stays in shape & looks great no matter how long it gets. Not to mention the feeling of well-being that goes along with a Balancing from Laura. You & your hair feel alive & energetic. I never realized how violated my hair used to feel until it was Balanced! Fran G.

And here is my own testimonial…

I had long straight hair for most of 25 years, except for the few occasions when I risked a perm. The worst perm, where the hairdresser had to chop off all but 3 inches of frizz, had the upside of guiding me to Hair Balancing with Mercury Yount (I have no photos of that hair disaster). The first few balancings did not take much length as my hair was already so short. But immediately I could feel the trauma of the perm violation being lifted up and out of my hair. I felt lighter, less damaged, the healing had begun. Over time, all the perm was finally gone, and my own hair was growing in naturally curly! This phenomenon happens for many people who desire more curl and wave. Those who desire a smoother, sleeker result can program that request into the balancing. The amount of curl has varied over the last few decades influenced by humidity, stress, and the style of my hair.

This is just before the hair disaster and one year later

I have been very successful at hairdressing and training for more than 20 years, and I always knew there was more to it than cutting shapes and styles. Hair Balancing enabled me to integrate the healing aspects of working with the whole person. Each client leaves with a special personalized cut and a greater sense of well being. I have discovered a deeper, more fulfilling purpose in my profession and my clientele has grown immensely. Deborah C., Mill Valley, CA

I was a conventional hairdresser for about 10 years before I got to do the training with Laura. It has changed my work so immensely! I do love to be able to integrate it so well into my daily work at the salon. I`ve also seen how intense this kind of cutting technique is. People are actually changing right in front of your eyes and hair is becoming more beautiful. Laura is a fantastic teacher. She has so much good energy and really loves what she is doing! You can clearly see that! Thank you, Laura, very much for everything. Alexandra B., Vancouver, BC

I’m always amazed that these Hair Balancings progress through several different styles as they grow out, and it’s never at an awkward stage. I love watching the process. Laura D., Seattle, WA

I didn’t notice this right away; but after about an hour of Laura balancing my hair and sitting in a relaxed state, I became aware of a feeling best described as fine tendrils of light radiating off of my head.

Kim A.

I never need to blow dry, simply wash it and go! Kate T., Stamford, CT

Ever since I was a child, I wore my hair short to control my curls and waves. All of this time, I wished for long hair and would actually have dreams about having long locks. I would wake up sad to find my hair was still short. Everytime I would try to grow it out, I’d become frustrated and head to the stylist hoping for a miracle, which never happened. Now that I have found Laura, I have long, curly hair that people compliment and marvel at! I no longer have those dreams, as I now wake up and actually have the hair I had visualized. These Hair Balancing sessions are a treat for my hair and soul. Thank you so much Laura. Jill H. Seattle, WA

Jill, I just want to let you know that I did go get my hair cut by Laura and it is the BEST haircut I’ve EVER had!! I’ve had so many compliments on it and it’s so easy! Autumn

I was calling to let you know that I experienced something really nice since you cut my hair. It seems much lighter. I often feel lighter because the hair is shorter but I feel like this is something really different, light and clean and kind of breezy. It’s really nice around my whole head and neck area. So I’m sure it’s the sacred haircut. I just wanted to tell you I feel very clear and nice and I think that has a lot to do with you. Thanks! Diane M.

Cut #1 -”The experience itself was lovely because Laura’s lovely, but after an hour plus of a dry cutting the haircut didn’t look sooo different from others I’d had, though I really felt good. In the following days the difference became clear. My hair was well behaved, it seemed to want to do nice things without my doing anything beyond giving it a few strokes with a brush. In addition I’ve never received so many compliments on a haircut ever! After a few days I realized my hair felt ‘content’ on my head, not a word it would have occurred to me to use, but there it was. It made me smile. My hair grew out well, continuing to ‘want’ to do nice things for the six months as I let It grow untended.

Cut #2 -”This time I wanted my hair cut significantly shorter, same lovely experience with Laura, same response to the cut and again it showed it’s true colors in the following days. Being shorter its behavior is even clearer and more critical since I don’t have the option of putting it up. It seems to want to make me look good, framing my face well with little coaxing on my part. Again many compliments. My hair had the sense of being content again, this time I’d go further to say it seems happy. I have the subtle but distinct experience of my hair as alive and integrated with me, not simply the stuff on top of my head I don’t look at. I’m looking forward to enjoying this cut for the full 6 months ‘til I see Laura again. Constance L.