Laura Sullivan is a pioneer in the field of natural, holistic hair care. After years of working in the entertainment industry, balanced with a passion for vibrant health, Laura had the good fortune to meet William Mercury Yount in 1980. He was a master bodyworker, a student of Sacred Geometry and Tantra, and is the person who channeled the holistic healing art of Hair Balancing. This very precise system is based on how sacred geometry appears and functions in nature and in our lives. Following his guidance, he applied the pattern to hundreds of people’s hair. People noticed how the results healed and expanded his client’s auras and noticed their hair became more vibrant and alive.

After being his client for several years, Laura was fortunate to be in the only complete training he offered. Initially, she only intended to balance her own hair when Mercury was away in Europe. But after his tragic death in Machu Picchu in 1990, his devoted clients sought out Laura to minister to their Hair Balancing needs. Hair Balancing, with gradual refinements and additions to the system, evolved into Hair Harmonics. This master training program is the culmination of decades of study and work with fine art, hair, and healing. Laura has been teaching this healing art since 1996, and it is her profound pleasure to share this unique hair system with you.