As fate would have it, I have been practicing and teaching Hair Balancing longer than anyone else in the world. My clients have named me the Hair Whisperer, High Priestess of Hair, Hair Therapist Extraordinaire and my favorite Laura, the Aura Restorer.  What I know, is I have been divinely guided to this unusual work, and it is nothing I ever imagined myself doing until it was actually happening.  Many years ago, a Beverly Hills hairdresser destroyed my beautiful, long, straight hair with a ‘light, body wave’ he left on for too long. This happened just before opening night of a play where I was the lead. My hair was burnt to a crisp. It all had to be chopped off, leaving just 3 inches of frizz on my head.

This hair nightmare prompted me to call William Mercury Yount asking for ‘that Hair Balancing thing’ I had heard him speak about. Intuitively I knew this was the only thing that could heal my hair from the trauma of the chemical damage and the extreme ‘chop.’ Hair Balancing not only released the trauma from my head and hair, but also over time it transformed my hair into natural curls that have remained completely wash and wear, never needing a perm or curler again. Of course, not everyone wants or gets curly hair, but the quality of their hair can change to become the hair they truly love.

In the early 1980s I was blessed to learn Hair Balancing directly from William Mercury Yount, the creator of this transformative healing art. When he shared the charts of the sacred geometric patterns it is based on, I felt a cellular recognition. It was as if I had done this in another place and time. After he trained me, Mercury and I continued to balance each other’s hair until his untimely death in Peru in 1990. Many of his clients began to seek me out, knowing Mercury had shared the secrets of this esoteric healing system with me.

About the same time, my interest in the entertainment industry, where I had been happily working for 13 years, was waning.  Studios, now in favor of action adventure films, had set ‘transformational filmmaking’ aside.  There were fewer and fewer roles for women, and I found myself transitioning into the role of heir to the sacred knowledge of Hair Balancing. I had promised Mercury I would train anyone who presented him or herself with an earnest desire to learn. I have upheld that promise, conducting small trainings in the US and Germany, often with my friend and colleague, Linda Hollatz. The consciousness of the world has been steadily expanding, and now the time seems right to offer this knowledge on a greater scale through Hair Harmonics Trainings.

I grew up in New England, where I was introduced to yoga and Transcendental Meditation in the 1970′s.  I have continued some manner of mindfulness practice ever since. Training in massage therapy while getting my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, led to studying many healing modalities including acupressure, polarity balancing, Reiki and nutrition. In Provence, France, I had the privilege of studying aromatherapy with Dr. Daniel Penoel, the world’s most esteemed aroma therapist.

Drawn to various fine arts since I was a child, I was honored by the opportunity to paint murals in Los Angeles with Rozelle Sykes of St. Elmo’s Village. Together we painted eleven murals for major record studios and inner-city schools.

The move to Los Angeles ignited a new passion. I became aware of the dramatic effects that air and water quality can have on one’s health and hair. My skin and hair became very dry, and I was not comfortable drinking the tap water. This inspired many years of research into methods of healing and revitalizing water for both my personal and planetary health.

After moving to Washington state, I became an Ordained Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, Diplomat of Earth Stewardship and Watershed Master. My husband, John Davis and I live in a bird sanctuary on a tidal bay in the Pacific Northwest. We have planted over 600 trees and a large organic garden. John is a gifted Reichian therapist and entrepreneurial coach, and we both maintain private practices on the West Coast. In Washington I see clients in Seattle and Birch Bay. Our training programs are held in Birch Bay, Washington.

I appreciate your interest in Hair Harmonics, and welcome you to my world, where you can be in harmony with your hair.