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AWAKENING HAIR, Caring for Your Cosmic Antenna – Audiobook

The audio version of AWAKENING HAIR is a fun, easy and very affordable way to assimilate the information of how to care for your hair as a precious part of nature. You’ll learn how each season has its own influences on our hair growth and discover new ways to achieve your hair’s maximum health and beauty. It is like having Laura with you, sharing 30 years of her holistic hair care knowledge. At only $6, or free with some audio services, it’s a great gift and a lovely treat for yourself. FYI, the Audiobook is the only version from which I receive some financial benefit. Profits from the Awakening Hair and Turning Point paperbacks do not come to me. I do appreciate your support.


AWAKENING HAIR, Caring for Your Cosmic Antenna – Full Color Paperback

AWAKENING HAIR dismisses the notion that hair is just dead cells hanging off the head. It reveals how hair is alive and has functions that are vital to our lives and our culture. The reader is rewarded with an exciting new perspective and many practical actions to enhance the life force streaming through their own hair. Beyond illuminating hair as cosmic antenna, AWAKENING HAIR is a fundamental resource for holistic hair care.

The book has received fantastic reviews. To read them, or segments of the book, or purchase your own copy, click on the cover! Available in audiobook, full color paperback, and kindle.

Awakening Hair – Caring for Your Cosmic Antenna, Paperback, eBook or Audiobook

Turning Point

Have you ever faced a turning point in your life where you had to make a choice to change? A moment when nothing would ever be the same again?

If you’re human, the answer is likely YES…

Imagine what would happen if you invited the pain to guide you, allowing yourself to feel to the depths of your being and soften into the embrace of love?

Within these pages, 15 powerful voices will crack your heart wide open. You’ll be inspired to embody a higher vibrational frequency that offers more expansion in your life—more love, compassion, joy, acceptance, and grace.

These stories share the Raw and Real truth of each author’s own turning point, offering guidance on the path and a glimpse into what is possible.

Allow yourself to receive these vulnerable transmissions so that you, too, may activate the Divine Feminine within, trust that you BELONG to life, and know that you are never truly alone.

In the book, Turning Point: Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within, one chapter called “My Cosmic Antenna” was written by Laura Sullivan. Laura subtitled her chapter “ How Hair Trauma Led to Loving Myself.” I found both the title and the subtitle to be an engaging hook. I had to know what those words meant. In Laura’s clean, smooth, and straightforward writing style, she took me on a journey I was not expecting. She revealed some personal, moving, and clearly painful events in her life and how those events led her to become engaged in the study of how our hair is much more a living part of us than we normally think. By the end of the chapter, I believed that loving my hair would indeed lead to loving myself. I suspect that anyone reading this chapter will feel the same.
-Steve Rice

Laura Sullivan’s chapter in Turning Point, “My Cosmic Antenna: How Hair Trauma Led to Loving Myself” inspires me to redefine the complex relationship with my own hair and even embrace my “silver strands.” Her story is deeply personal, educational and transformative. Hair is an expression of beauty, a reflection of health and a Astdynamic “connection to all of humanity.” The author reveals her heart’s journey, teaching us to love our hair.
-Lia Duket

In the book “Turning Point”,  Laura Sullivan’s chapter “My Cosmic Antennae” enlightens you to the consciousness of hair and how you can influence and appreciate your own hair.  Fascinating.
-Carolyn Anderson

A conduit to personal acceptance and well-being is as close as the hair on your head. Laura Sullivan’s contribution to Turning Point; “My Cosmic Antennae” is a fascinating tale of her journey with Hair Balancing. This profound and life affirming technique brings people into alignment with themselves and the world around them. By recognizing the way your hair reflects and responds to your choices, you are given a new path to health. Her story is a vivid example of personal growth and how awareness of our connections can lead to an empowered life.
-Rebecca Ross, author of “Being Home: The Art of Belonging Wherever You Are”

This lively and engaging story tells how a hair disaster led Laura Sullivan to become a holistic hair care expert. The trauma became a gift, introducing her to the art of Hair Balancing based on Sacred Geometry, which strangely evoked feelings of familiarity and joy.

After experiencing a personal tragedy, Laura lost her hair once again, but in a very different way. She came to understand that hair is alive and conscious, and that we can even communicate with it. Laura practices and teaches this healing art, sharing amazing revelations about how hair functions in our lives.

-Ms. Jeannie Moskowitz

Laura Sullivan’s chapter, “My Cosmic Antennae” will transform your view of your wondrous hair and open the way to a new and enlivened relationship between your hair and the energies of life around you. Laura Sullivan’s astonishing story is one seldom told and yet often suffered in silent endurance by women in this culture. Filled with perspective-changing knowledge and essential life practices, it should be read by every young woman beginning life’s journey.
Wonderful writing. An incredible story.

-Christiann Howard, author of “Secrets of Aboriginal Awakening”